Vodaless Releases "Tokyo Ghoul" Ken Kaneki Awakened Ver. Ball-jointed Cast Doll

155,300 yen (1,400 US dollars) doll will be shipped in October 2017

Osaka-based company Vodaless will start accepting pre-orders for orders for a 60cm-tall ball-jointed cast doll inspired by Ken Kaneki, the protagonist of the Tokyo Ghoul anime franchise, in his "Awakened" version on its online store DOLK from March 31. As reported, the company previously released cast dolls based on Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel Phantomhive (original, Erithacus dress) and Grelle Sutcliff from the Black Butler: Book of Circus anime series. The price for the 60cm tall doll set including wig, mask, outfit, hands, shoes and eyes is 155,300 yen (about 1,400 US dollars). Pre-orders will be accepted till April 30 and its scheduled shipping date is October 2017.




Ciel Phantomhive doll original version (October 2015 release)


Sebastian Michaelis doll (August 2016 release)


Ciel Phantomhive Komadori/Erithacus dress version (February 2017 release)


Grelle Sutcliff doll (September 2017 release)





Source: Vodaless press release


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