"Future Diary" Creator Pens Edogawa Ranpo Tribute

"The Detective Akechi Is Berserk" premieres in May's "Shonen Ace."

20th century Japanese mystery writer Edogawa Ranpo forever changed the state of the mystery genre in Japan (appropriate, given his pen name is a Japanese rendering of "Edgar Allan Poe"). His Boy Detectives Club characters have inspired and featured in myriad films, stage plays, and anime.


The latest tribute to his work comes from Future Diary creator Sakae Esuno -- a manga series in Shonen Ace titled Detective Akechi is Berserk.

The central character of the manga series is Mayumi, a middle-school girl who lives alone in the wake of the horrific murders of her aunt and uncle. Thanks to an unusual circumstance, she now has a new ally in her quest to find the mysterious culprit: the ghost of Detective Kogoro Akechi.


The first installment of the manga features in the May edition of Shonen Ace, which hit newsstands on March 25. 


Source: Comic Natalie




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