Is A "Hoshiiro Girldrop" Anime Adaptation Coming in October of 2017?

Official website for adaptation based on web manga by Bkub Okawa has a timer counting down to April 01, 2017

You have to hand it to Bkub Okawa: when he commits to a joke, he commits hard. An anime adaptation has been announced for Hoshiiro Girldrop, a romantic comedy web manga series by Okawa ostensibly about a high school boy finding out that he's engaged to the leader of a popular idol band. But astute fans are already bracing for the other shoe to drop.



An official website and Twitter feed (@hoshiiro_anime), complete with character profiles and a teaser trailer, have also been published. However, the website also features a mysterious timer, counting down until April 01, 2017.



In Hoshiiro Girldrop, Daichi Taira is listless high school student and his childhood friend, Sosogu Hoshifuri, is the center for the popular idol group "Drop Stars". After a separation of 5 years, Daichi and Sosogu are reunited one day when Daichi discovers Sosogu living in his family home and claiming to be his fiancé. Comedy ensues when Daichi completely fails to recognize Sosogu and also completely fails to remember their childhood promise to one another.



The website credits the suspiciously fictitious-sounding "Soyokaze Douga" as the animation studio responsible for bringing Hoshiiro Girldrop to life and the equally fake-sounding "Shimin Records" as responsible for the music.



If this post seems a bit skeptical, it's because the last time we heard about Hoshiiro Girldrop, this happened:



Yes, folks, the smart money here is on an upcoming announcement having something to do with Bkub Okawa's oddball 4-panel web manga, Pop Team Epic. Okawa has swerved us in the past, though, so we'll just have to wait and see how this all shakes out.




Official Hoshiiro Girldrop TV anime home page (?)


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