"Love Live" Perfect Dream Project Teases μ's, Aqours, and Something More

Fans muse about upcoming project's site.

The official site for Love Live School Idol Festival's Perfect Dream Project has launched... and it has fans wondering.



μ's and Aqours are present... and the three silhouettes appear to be three N girls from the app. Sharp-eyed players have identified them as three of the nine popularity poll winners: Kanata Konoe, Emma, and Shizuku Osaka:



Emma took first place in the popularity poll, with Shizuku and Kanata taking second and third respectively. Assuming the popularity poll was to build a unit of N girls for the new project, we can expect the next six girls (listed by popularity 4-9) to join the project at a later date:


Himeno Ayanokouji

Koyuki Shirase

Kasane Hasekura


Coco Miyashita


The project will be a part of the festivities surrounding the fourth anniversary of the Love Live! multimedia project. There's no word yet on what sort of tie-in media will stem from what appears to be the creation of a new unit. Fans are hoping for everything from special cards to CDs to figures, but only time will tell.


Source: PDP Official Site, Love Live Wikia




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