"Blade of the Immortal" Music Video Collaboration Trailer Highlights Action Scenes

Takashi Miike-directed film is set for a release in Japan on April 29

The official website for the upcoming live-action film adaptation of Hiroaki Samura's Mugen no Junin/Blade of the Immortal action jidaigeki manga has released a two-minute clip featuring each main characters' action scenes and Japanese guitarist MIYAVI's performance of the film's theme song "Live to Die Another Day -Sonzai Shoumei (Existence Proof)-" newly written by him.


MIYAVI is internationally known for his finger-slapping guitar plays. The song will be included in his new best album "ALL TIME BEST 'DAY 2'" to be released this Wednesday, April 5. He is now touring in the U.S., and his next concert is scheduled to be held at The Neptune Theatre, Seattle, on April 4.


The Takashi Miike-directed film is set for a release in Japan on April 29, 2017.



"ALL TIME BEST 'DAY 2'" CD jacket



Full trailer 


Poster vicual


Main Cast:

 Manji: Takuya Kimuar (idol group SMAP member)

 Rin Asano: Hana Sugisaki (Reiko Kanazuki in Ouran High School Host Club) 

 Kagehisa Anotsu: Souta Fukushi (Gentaro Kisaragi in Kamen Rider Fourze)

 Shira: Hayato Ichihara (Akira Kageyama in Yakuza Apocalypse)

 Makie Otonotachibana: Erika Toda (Misa Amane in Death Note)

 Eiku Shizuma: Ebizou Ichikawa (kabuki actor)

 Kensui Ibane: Tsutomu Yamazaki

 Habaki Kagimura: Min Tanaka

 Sabato Kuroi: Kazuki Kitamura

 Hyakurin: Chiaki Kuriyama

 Taito Magatsu: Shinnosuke Mitsushima



Source: "Mugen no Junin" live-action film official website, Twitter 


© Hiroaki Samura/Kodansha ©2017 Movie "Mugen no Junin" Production Committee


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