Main Cast Announced for Hulu Japan Original Anime "Soutai Sekai - The Relative Worlds"

"Smart CG Animation" project helmed by Craftar begins digital distribution on April 28, 2017

The main cast and a new preview video have been revealed for Soutai Sekai - The Relative Worlds, a 2-part Hulu Japan original anime that tells a story about a collision between parallel worlds.



The main staff for Soutai Sekai - The Relative Worlds includes:


  • Planning, original work: Craftar
  • Screenplay, director: Yuhei Sakuragi
  • Music: Hidehiro Kawai
  • Character design: PALOW.
  • Concept artist: Rui Tomono
  • CGI Production: Craftar, Lucky Pictures
  • Production: Hulu Japan, Craftar
  • Development: Craftar


The main cast for Soutai Sekai - The Relative Worlds includes:




Yūki Kaji as Shin Hazuma / Jin. Shin is an ordinary 3rd grade high school student. Shin has lost both of his parents, but he lives in a peaceful world. Jin is a resistance fighter struggling to overthrow the dictatorial Imperial Republic of Japan in his war-torn world.



Maaya Uchida as Kotori Izumi / Kotoko. Kotori is from a wealthy family and she grew up alongside Shin. She has a bright personality and is overly trusting.



Aoi Yūki as Miko / Niko. In the peaceful world, Miko and Niko are a popular idol duo. In the war-torn parallel world, Miko and Niko are an autonomous weapons platform known as a "Matic" that was developed by the Imperial Republic of Japan.



"The despair of my world was the hope of the other." Set in Japan in 2020, Soutai Sekai - The Relative Worlds examines what happens when a crack in reality causes two parallel worlds with very different histories to collide. The first part of the 2-part series will be published on Hulu Japan on April 28, 2017, and the 2nd part will be published on May 05, 2017.





Official Soutai Sekai - The Relative Worlds Twitter feed (@soutaisekai)


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