Doubutsu Biscuits and PPP to Perform "Kemono Friends" OP Song in TV Asahi's "Music Station" Next Friday

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The official website for the Kemono Friends anime franchise has announced the three members of Doubutsu Biscuits and the five of PPP (PePaPu) will perform the TV anime's OP theme song "Yokoso Japari Park he" (Welcome to The Japari Park) in TV Asahi's prestigious music program Music Station next Friday, April 14, starting at 20:00 (JST).


The one-hour program has been aired on the one of the flagship TV stations since 1986, and performing in it is considered as a proof that the artists have gained a broad public recognition in Japan. Only a few anime voice actress artists have performed in the program so far, such as Nana Mizuki and μ's (Love Live!). 


23-year-old voice actress Yuka Ozaki, the voice of Serval and a member of Doubutsu Biscuit, has reported her upcoming appearance in the nationally popular program on her official Twitter.


"It is officially announced that Doubutsu Biscuit and PPP will appear in the next week's 'Music Station.'

It has been like a dream to me since I heard the news, I still can't believe it is real. We will do our very

best, so I would be very happy if you can support us by saying 'Woo Gao!' together when you watch the

program at 20:00 on April 14."




OP song regular edition CD jacket


Doubutsu Biscuits members:

 Serval: Yuka Ozaki (Ado Sukinanoka in We Are the Luck and Logic Club!)

 Fennec: Kana Motomiya

 Araiguma (Common Racoon): Saki Ono (Hakone-chan in Onsen Yosei Hakone-chan)


PPP members:

 Royal Penguin: Mikoi Sasaki (Hercule Barton in Milky Holmes)

 Koutei (Emperor) Penguin: Ruka Nemoto (Yu Kashima in VENUS PROJECT -CLIMAX-)

 Gentoo Penguin: Kyouka Tamura

 Iwatobi (Rockhopper) Penguin: Aina Aiba

 Humboldt Penguin: Ikuko Chikuta

First press limited edition


Special OP song movie




Source: "Kemono Friends" TV anime offical website, Yuka Ozaki Twitter


(C) Kemono Friends Project A 


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