"Kemono Friends" Director: "There will be No 12.2nd Episode"

"Please have enough sleep, everyone."

Last Tuesday, Tatsuki, the director of the TV anime Kemono Friends surprised the fans by posting the special mini "12.1st" episode "Bus-teki" (Bus-like) on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga. It was an unexpected gift for the fans who felt a great loss after the TV anime concluded with its 12th episode aired in the previous week. The three-minute video telling what happned between the A and B parts of the final episode has been already viewed over 1.4 million times on Nici Nico in one week.


Though many fans have expected more extra episodes, maybe until "12.9th," the director said on his official Twitter yesterday that there would be no "12.2nd" episode. 


"Oh, there will be no 12.2nd episode! Please have enough sleep, everyone. I wanted to keep playing a fool who was burning up his life and bank account, but I have to finish on other main works such as a cover of the Kemono Friends book first. Fortunately, I have been offered a lot of work that almost squeeze

me to death. Thank you so much."


Since he mentioned his bank account in the message, fans are now speculating that the "12.1st" episode

was made with his own money, and that's why he posted the video on his personal pages of YouTube and

Nico Nico, not on the anime's official video channel.


As reported, instead of the "12.2nd" episode, the three members of Doubutsu Biscuit and the five of PPP

(PePaPu) will perform the TV anime's OP theme song "Yokoso Japari Park he" (Welcome to The Japari Park)

in TV Asahi's prestigious music program Music Station this Friday, April 14, starting at 20:00 (JST).



"12.1st" episode "Bus-teki"


Source: Tatsuki's Twitter


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