Your Favorite Normal Girls Become Idols in "Love Live! Perfect Dream Project"

Fans got it right... and now the site is getting hammered.

Sharp-eyed fans trying to guess the silhouette for the new girls in the Love Live! School Idol Festival: Perfect Dream Project teaser can pat themselves on the back -- their guesses for the first three girls in the new idol unit were spot on!


And unfortunately the announcement was so huge that the official site is down.



Fortunately, we've got the proof right here, in a screencap from the sites. The three "Normal" students from the popular rhythm/CCG app were the top results in a Normal card popularity poll recently.


Shizuku Osaka, Kanata Konoe, and Emma are three of the app's "Normal" girls -- characters who, in the context of the game, are idols from other schools. They're much easier to find in random draws, but don't earn as many points as Rare and above cards (which feature the idols from the shows). They also don't have any voiced lines.


However, Perfect Dream Project might be changing that. While nothing has been revealed about what this new idol group will entail, fans are hoping it could mean voiced lines, Rare and up cards, and perhaps even albums for some of their favorite Normal girls!


More will be revealed over time as Love Live! School Idol Festival: Perfect Dream Project nears its release.


Source: Ota-Suke




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