Snack with the Animals at Upcoming "Kemono Friends" Cafe

Japariman, Bag's special curry, and more available at limited-time event.

NicoNico is looking to give the Rainforest Cafe a run for its money -- for a limited time, Kemono Friends can step into the world of Japari and sample themed food, drinks, and desserts.



The event will take place at Nicocafe, a restaurant at the NicoNico home office that offers Wi-Fi, power supplies at every seat, and free streaming videos to NicoNico Premium members. In addition, they offer menu items themed to the company and fan-favorite shows.


For the second half of April, you can try out a variety of menu items inspired by the sights and sounds of Japari. Five sweet drinks are themed to Serval, Bag, Fennec, Raccoon, and PPP -- and there are special tea orders with biscuits, too.



The food menu will offer Japariman, Bag's curry, Japari Burgers, Japari Park Special Pancakes, and a Cerulean Parfait.



Visitors will also receive coasters and placemats themed to the various characters and episodes. The first set of placemats will be offered during the first half of the cafe's run, and the second during the second half.





The collaboration cafe will take place between April 18 and May 2.


Source: My Game News Flash




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