Kensho Ono Confirmed to Have Appeared in "ReLIFE" Live-Action Film

Taishi Nakagwa-starring film ranks 8th in its opening weekend

After being noticed by the sharp-eyed fans, it is confirmed that 27-year-old voice actor Kensho Ono made a cameo appearance in the live-action film adaptation of So Yayoi's fantasy web manga ReLIFE in one scene in a cafe. He played the protagonist Arata Kaizaki in both of the TV anime (July-September 2016) and stage play (September 2016) adaptations.


The 18-year-old Taishi Nakagwa-starring film was released in Japan on April 15 and ranked a so-so 8th in its opening weekend.


The manga featuring 27-year-old protagonist Arata Kaizaki who experiences his second high school life by the ReLife Project has been published on NHN comico's "comico" website since October 2013 and its English edition has been also available on Crunchyroll. 




"ReLIFE" 90-second trailer


Main poster visual


Stage play main cast visual


Manga tankobon 1st and 6th volume covers



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