TOKU Channel Lines Up "Ultraman Nexus"

Series starts May 9th

On the heels of their Neos plans, Toku, Olympusat's Asian media network formerly known as Funimation Channel before being renamed at the end of December 2015, has lined up their next Ultraman series. After ending Ultraman Neos, Toku will introduce Ultraman Nexus on Tuesday, May 9, 2017. It will air on the same schedule slot as earlier Ultra series on the channel, weekdays at 7PM ET. It will then run through Friday, June 2nd.


They describe the series

Weekdays at 7 p.m. EST, TOKU will feature back-to-back episode of Ultraman Nexus. This 37-episode Japanese television series follows the story of a powerful warrior whose main mission is to protect mankind from destructive monsters and gigantic creatures called the Space Beasts. As a member of the Terrestrial Liberation Trust (TLT), Ultraman Nexus is committed to fight any threats that could endanger the planet. When needed, his powers and abilities can be summoned by the deunamists, a group of young and brave individuals who poses the power of the light.

Starring Takuji Kawakubo and Ysuki Kirishima, Ultraman Nexus was produced by Tsuburaya Productions and directed by Kazuya Konaka. The series is the 18th installment of the popular Ultra series and the 3rd and final product of theUltra N Project. TOKU will now air all 30-minute episodes subtitled in English. The final episode is scheduled to premiere on Friday, June 2, 2017.



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