Funimation Announces "Sakura Quest," "WorldEnd" And "Royal Tutor" English Dub Casts

See who gets to put the name "Ctholly-Nota-Seniorious" on their resume

Funimation has kicked off the week by adding Sakura QuestWorldEnd and Royal Tutor to their spring 2017 SimulDub line-up. With their debuts, English dub casts were announced for the pair of anime.


WorldEnd: What are you doing at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?

Five hundred years have passed since humanity went extinct at the hands of the seventeen beasts. Now, the only ones left fighting are the fairies—a group of female warriors with the power to wield holy swords. Enduring a life of uncertainty, these girls know only danger. But everything changes when the last human suddenly awakens and takes them in. Can Willem help these girls trapped by war?

Willem-Kmetsch Micah Solusod
Ctholly-Nota-Seniorious Amber Lee Connors
Episode 1  
Tiat Lara Woodhull
Pannibal Sarah Wiedenheft
Lakhesh Jill Harris
Collon Kristi Rothrock
Nygglatho Jamie Marchi
Grick-Graycrack Bryan Massey
Almaria-Duffner Bryn Apprill
Episode 2  
Ithea-Myse-Valgulious Brittney Karbowski
Nephren-Ruq-Insania Alexis Tipton
Limeskin Christopher R. Sabat
Lillia-Asplay Giovannie Cruz
Almita Jad Saxton
ADR Director Alexis Tipton
Assistant Director Jeannie Tirado
ADR Engineer Ben Tehrani


Sakura Quest

Five young women have one thing in common—the careers they planned for themselves weren’t working out. Job dissatisfaction, trying to make ends meet, and personal insecurities lead each of them to start working at a local tourism bureau where their lives become intertwined. As the girls experience their first year on the job, they learn a lot about their town, their industry, and themselves.



Yoshino Alexis Tipton
Shiori Tia Ballard
Maki Leah Clark
Sanae Elizabeth Maxwell
Ririko Brina Palencia
Ushimatsu Mark Stoddard
Mino Aaron Roberts
Yamada Dallas Reid
Chitose Rachel Robinson
Takamizawa Robert McCollum
Sandal Jerry Jewell
Angelica Colleen Clinkenbeard
Erika Jill Harris
Gen Kenny Green
Tora Sonny Strait
Tatsu Phil Parsons
Kinu Linda Leonard
Episode 1  
Yae Caitlin Glass
Hashimoto David Matranga
ADR Director Caitlin Glass
ADR Engineer Manuel Aragon
Scripts Jessica Cavanagh
Mixing Engineer Nathanael Harrison


The Royal Tutor

The four princes of the Kingdom of Glanzreich have a lot to learn before becoming proper rulers and it’s up to Heine Wittgenstein to lay down some serious learning! What he lacks in height he makes up for in knowledge. But does he have what it takes to handle the distinctive personalities of these handsome yet tricky royal heirs? This royal tutor is about to school this troublesome bunch!



Heine Wittgenstein Micah Solusod
Leonard Von Glanzreich Alejandro Saab
Bruno Von Glanzreich Christopher Wehkamp
Licht Von Glanzreich Stephen Sanders
Kai Von Glanzreich Daman Mills
Episode 1  
Ludwig Jarrod Greene
Max Dallas Reid
Queen Mother Linda Leonard
King Glanzreich David Wald
Episode 2  
Shadow Christopher Guerrero
Adele Jad Saxton
ADR Director Tia Ballard
ADR Engineer James Baker
Mixing Engineer Adrian Cook
Writer Samuel Wooley



Scott Green is editor and reporter for anime and manga at geek entertainment site Ain't It Cool News. Follow him on Twitter at @aicnanime.

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