Kanata Hongō Is a Tokusatsu Nerd in "Kaijū Club" TV Drama

4 episode series chronicles the ordeals of Japanese SFX fans in an era before video recording was commonplace

Actor Kanata Hongō (Armin in the live-action Attack on Titan films, Ueno in Love Concierge) is taking the leading role in Kaijū Club ~ Kūsō Tokusatsu Seishunki ~ ("Monster Club ~ Chronicle of a Fantasy and Special Effects Youth ~") an upcoming live-action TV drama that explores what it was like to be a fan of tokusatsu films and TV shows during the 1970's.



The four episode TV series will debut on MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting System) and TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) in June of 2017 as part of the Drama-ism programming block. The story of the series focuses on the trials and tribulations of a fan club dedicated to studying the monsters of tokusatsu TV series in an era before home video recording was commonplace. 

Kaijū Club is produced in cooperation with Tsuburaya Productions, and each episode will focus on a different monster from the Ultra series (Alien Metron, Alien Guts, Alien Zetton, and Alien Ghos). Kaijū Club ~ Kūsō Tokusatsu Seishunki ~ is directed by Takashi Sumita and Takahiro Aoyma and features screenplays by Kôta Fukihara.


Kaijū Club ~ Kūsō Tokusatsu Seishunki ~ will air on MBS every Sunday during the 24:50 time slot beginning on June 04, 2017. It will also air on TBS every Tuesday during the 25:28 time slot beginning on June 06, 2017.



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