"Your Name." Japanese DVD/Blu-ray Release Date Set for July 26, 2017

English-subtitles is also included with the English version theme song

The official website for Makoto Shinkai's mega hit anime film Kimi no Na wa./Your Name. today announced that the film's DVD and Blu-ray will be released in Japan on July 26, 2017. In addition to the single-disc standard edition, only Blu-ray has the Special and Collector's editions with more bonus materials. One of the 34-type film bookmarks will be randomly given to those who pre-order the item on a first-come basis. 


The 107-minute youth sci-fi film was released in Japan on August 26, 2016. It has earned a massive 24.94 billion yen from its domestic run, becoming the second top-grossing Japanese film in history, only behind Hayao Miyazaki's Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi/Spirited Away in 2001 with 30.8 billion yen.


Announcement video for the release


15-second CM



Standard Edition (single disc):

 DVD - 3,800 yen/Blu-ray - 4,800 yen

 Bonus item: mini character stickers


Special Edition (three discs with a digi pack and an outer case):

 Blu-ray - 7,800 yen

 Bonus item: a 100-page booklet, mini character stickers


Collectors' Edition (five discs with a newly-drawn six-side digi pack directed by Makoto Shinkai and an outer case):

 Two Blu-ray discs (regular and 4K Ultra HD) - 12,000 yen

 Bonus item: a 100-page booklet, mini character stickers, a reduced-size version of the voice recording script  



Bonus footage:


Main Disc:

 -Special program "Makoto Shinkal: All People in Japan Fall in Love with His Talent" hosted by Ryunosuke Kamiki

 -English subtitles with the English version theme song by RADWIMPS

 -Promotional clips (teasers, trailers, TV CMs)

 -Makoto Shinkai filmography


Bonus Disc 1:

 -Video storyboard drawn by Makoto Shinkai

 -Making documentary


Bonus disc 2:

 -Visual commentaries by Ryunosuke Kamiki, Mone Kamishiraishi, RADWIMPS

 -Unused voice clips

 -Textless OP movie

 -CMs for Suntory's "Tennensui" water

 -"Sparkle [original ver.] -Your Name. music video edition


Bonus disc 3: 

 -Makoto Shinkai's open lecture "The Story of 'Your Name.' - The Role of Modern Literature-"

 -Footage from various events



Source: "Your Name." Japanese official website


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