Tiny Chefs Comes to Life in "Koshoku Robot" TV Drama

Hey! Say! JUMP members chosen to appear as robot characters.

Four years ago, award-winning manga artist Hisae Iwaoka created Koshoku Robot, a one-shot manga about 25cm-tall robots that help people living alone learn to cook for himself. Now, it's been announced that this story is on its way to a live-action adaptation.



The robots mentioned in the titled have already been cast, and will be portrayed by members of boy band Hey! Say! JUMP. Each of the human characters in the series -- an office lady, a salaryman, and a middle-aged man facing divorce -- is sent a different "type" of robot, who helps them figure out and make healthy meals for their lifestyle. 


Hikaru Yaotome will play Ottori (paired with the middle-aged man), Yuya Takaki will play Mujaki (paired with the OL), and Daiki Arioka will play Yancha (paired with the salaryman). The three will also be performing the theme for the series, titled "Are You There?" Described as a "vitamin song," it pairs heartwarming lyrics with a techno-pop feel to charge up and energize listeners.



The rest of the cast so far includes:


Mana Mikura (GS Wonderland)

Kanro Morita (Shomuni)

Tomohiro Kaku (Higurashi When They Cry)

Takafumi Imai (Tokyo Gore School)

Masako Miyaji (DOCTORS: The Ultimate Surgeon)

Kenji Anan (Gokusen)

Yoichi Nukumizu (BOSS)

The drama will be directed by Ryo Nishimura (Ranma 1/2) and Nukumizu, with a script by Nonji Nemoto (Gin to Kin). 


Koshoku Robot premieres on Nippon TV on June 19th.


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