Bandai's Apparel Division Plans to Release 61 Muffler Towels Inspired by "Girls und Panzer" Girls

First 10 character towels will start shipping next month

Bandai's apparel division plans to sequentially release 61 muffler towels (120cmx20cm) printed with full body illustrations of the girls from the Girls und Panzer anime franchise. Pre-orders for the first 10 character towels, the five girls from Anglerfish Team of Oarai Girls' High School and the five from St. Gloriana Girls' College, begin on Bandai's official apparel online store Bandai Fashion Net today at the price of 1,620 yen (about 14.58 US dollars) for June 2017 release. More mufflers inspired by other girls will be added soon.



Anglerfish Team


Miho Nishizumi


Hana Isuzu


Mako Reizei


Saori Takebe


Yukari Akiyama



St. Gloriana Girls' College Team






Orange Pekoe







Source: Bandai Apparel Division press release


(C) GIRLS und PANZER Film Projekt


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