"Nyanko Days" and Chara-Ani.com Collaborate for 2.5D Autograph Session

Goods to be signed and mailed out during web broadcast.

If you're a fan of the tiny catgirls of Nyanko Days and want to get your hands on a Blu-Ray of the series, you have an extra-special chance thanks to Chara-Ani.com. The online anime retailer will be hosting what they call a "2.5D signing" of the new release, featuring voice actors from the series.



Akari Uehara (the voice of Yuuko Konagai) and Kazusa Aranami (the voice of Ran Iketani) will be in a studio for a chat on twitcasting.tv before autographing pre-orders on-camera. This means that fans from all over the world can participate!


There will also be a lottery for prizes autographed by Ibuki Kido (the voice of Maa) and Erii Yamazaki (the voice of Shii).


The Nyanko Days Nyanko Mofumofu Disc has a base price of 5,800 yen, with a price of 6,264 for an autographed edition. Pre-orders must be in before Thursday, May 25 to be eligible for the 2.5D autograph session. Visit the event's official site to order yours.


The signing will take place May 29 at 7 pm JST. The disc goes out for general sale on May 31.


Souce: Ota-Suke




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