Love Live's "Perfect Dream Project" Unveils Its Six New Idols

Nine girls will compete for fans' affection in popularity rankings.

As promised, all has been revealed. Love Live! School Idol Festival has unveiled the six mystery idols in the new Perfect Dream Project, and it looks like we have six brand new girls to get to know!



The project includes Emma, Kanata Konoe, and Shizuku Osaka -- three "Normal" level girls from the smartphone game. The six additional members appear to have been created as original characters for this project. And here they are:


Ayumu Uehara: Second Year

Blood Type: A

Birthday: March 1

Sign: Pisces


Kasumi Nakazu: First Year

Blood Type: B

Birthday: January 23

Sign: Aquarius


Karin Asaka: Third Year

Blood Type: AB

Birthday: June 29

Sign: Cancer


Ai Miyashita: Second Year

Blood Type: A

Birthday: May 30

Sign: Gemini


Setsuna Yuuki: Second Year

Blood Type: O

Birthday: August 8

Sign: Leo


Rina Tennouji: First Year

Blood Type: B

Birthday: November 13

Sign: Scorpio


These six girls, in addition to the three previously announced, will take part in a fan popularity contest, with the top three announced each month. This contest will be a part of the advertising for Perfect Dream Project, with final results announced at the SchoolFest Thanksgiving 2017 Closing Ceremonies.


What's interesting is that, even with the nine girls revealed, "And more..." remains at the bottom of the teaser image. Does this mean we'll be seeing more girls each month as the contest goes on? That remains to be seen. For now you can check out the official Perfect Dream Project page to keep up with the latest.


Source: MoCa-News




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