Follow Your Dreams with "Chuusotsu - 1st Graduation" Playable Demo

Try before you buy with Kickstarter's English-language demo.

In the world of Chuusotsu - 1st Graduation, society is judged by Authorization Seals: rankings issued by the global government that dictate a citizen's worth. The "chuusotsu," or those who never received any education past middle school, find themselves very low in the rankings of this world. And for Arue Marisugawa, a manga lover battling a long illness, there seems to be no hope for the future. So what does she do? Moves into an apartment with two more chuusotsu!

Chuusotsu - 1st Graduation: Time After Time is a visual novel first released in Japan last year, and crowdfunding efforts are underway to bring it to a North American audience. The story follows Arue and her two roommates as they attempt to find their purpose in life and make their way as government employees before they get kicked out of their apartment.


For those who'd like  chance to test the game before they donate, localization team Fruitbat Factory has made things extra easy. The Kickstarter page now includes a downloadable demo, which introduces all of the major characters, so you can play for yourself and get a feel for the story before you chip in.



This philosophically-minded visual novel is already 85% funded with six days to go. Backer bonuses include soundtracks, posters, hug pillows, unique sketches of characters of your choice, and more.


Source: Kickstarter




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