Yokohama Overflows With 1500 Pokémon in 2017 "Pikachu Outbreak"

The biggest and brightest Pikachu infestation yet will take over the Minato Mirai area from August 09 - 15, 2017

The Pokémon Company and the city of Yokohama are once again teaming up for a "Pikachu Outbreak", and this time the annual event will feature some 1500 costumed Pikachu on the march, an increase of 50% from last year.



The event, entitled "Pikachu dake janai ~ Pikachu Dai Tairyō Hassei-chu!" ("Not Just Pikachu ~ The Pikachu Outbreak-chu!"), will take over the Minato Mirai district of Yokohama city, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, from August 09 - 15, 2017. 



The 2017 "Pikachu Outbreak" will include stage shows, a carnival-themed parade featuring some 100 costumed Pikachu on the march, and a water-themed "Soaking Wet Splash Show" which proved popular during the last outbreak in 2016. The whole Minato Mirai area, including the sky and the sea, will be decorated with Pikachu, so tourists will have lots of photo opportunities during this time.



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