Lost Secrets Of "Bleach" Apparently Lost... Literally

Tite Kubo surprises "Assassination Classroom" author Yusei Matsui in latest "Jump Giga" joint interview

Jump Giga magazine has been doing a series of interviews where pairs of notable Jump authors meet to discuss their careers over a period of two hours. The latest of these, in 2017's second issue, unites Bleach's Tite Kubo and Assassination Classroom's Yūsei Matsui. Much of it features Kubo surprising Matsui with his various tribulations.



For example, Matsui said that after working on a weekly for a while, you go into a daze and and a lot of the labor becomes automatic muscle-memory. Kubo then surprised Matsui by saying that only happened in the final three years of his series, and by that point, he was physically broken-down.


Kubo explained that when the series was over, he got an MRI on a shoulder that was bothering him. It turned out that the way he leaned when drawing had caused a partial fracture and severed tendons... after which Matsui had to explain to Kubo that this was amazing and in no way normal.


The fate of the ideas that Kubo was developing also surprised Matsui...



Specifically, the notes were on the same scratch paper as storyboard drawings, and especially in the later stages, he didn't have the time to sort through all it all.


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