"Yuri!!! On ICE" Blu-ray 6th Volume Marks Highest First Week Sales in Franchise

All-new feature film is confirmed to be in production

According to the latest Oricon sales report, the 7,560-yen (about 68 US dollars) sixth and final Blu-ray volume of the Yuri!!! On ICE TV anime sold an impressive 45,000 units in its first week, becoming the fourth weekly top-selling Blu-ray disc in the franchise, following the second, third, and fourth volumes. And this is the first time for the anime series' Blu-ray disc to surpass the 40,000 mark in its first week. The previous highest record was 36,470 units marked by the second volume released in January. 


The volume's DVD sold 18,000 units, which was also the highest first week sales record, ranking second in the overall ranking. In total, the anime series has sold about 270,000 Blu-ray discs and 110,000 DVDs.


"Yuri!!! On ICE" Blu-ray/DVD first week sales:


Volume 1 (episode 1&2): 35,453/15,425

Volume 2 (episode 3&4): 36,470/15,381

Volume 3 (episode 5&6): 33,181/12,965

Volume 4 (episode 7&8): 33,383/12,912

Volume 5 (episode 9&10): 32,901/12,770

Volume 6 (episode 11&12): 45,000/18,000



"Yuri!!! On ICE" Blu-ray/DVD total sales:


Volume 1 (episode 1&2): 51,896/22,709

Volume 2 (episode 3&4): 47,172/19,981

Volume 3 (episode 5&6): 43,431/17,793

Volume 4 (episode 7&8): 41,749/16,760

Volume 5 (episode 9&10): 40,040/15,711

Volume 6 (episode 11&12): ***/***


(Source: Oricon)



Blu-ray sixth volume jacket illustration



Blu-ray set


Preview for the bonus content "Yuri Plisetsky GPF in Barcelona EX 'Welcome to The Madness' PV"


Source: Oricon News


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