Jump on the Japari Bus for a Real Life "Kemono Friends" Tour

Lucky fans will have a chance to tour a safari park and hang out with the stars of the anime.


All aboard the Japari Bus! If you've ever wished you could tour like Bag and Serval, you may have your chance later next month! The Kemono Friends fan club is setting up for a real safari park ride by bus, followed by a mini live event featuring the stars of the show.


The bus leaves from Tokyo in the morning and will head out for a safari park tour, followed by lunch. After lunch there will be a mini-live, talk show, raffle, and more.


In attendance will be Yuka Ozaki (Serval), Kana Motomiya (Fennec), Saki Ono (Common Raccoon), Ruka Nemoto (Emperor Penguin), Kyoka Tamura (Gentoo Penguin), and Ikuko Chikuta (Humboldt Penguin). Participants will be able to take photos with the guests on board the Japari Bus, and can also get special T-shirts and certificates of participation.



There are two ways to take part. The first, via the official Kemono Friends fan club, will be open from June 14-16. The second, for the general public, will be open June 19-23. In the event that there are more applicants than spaces, participants will be chosen by lottery. All accepted participants will be notified by June 27.


The event is sponsored by Sankei Tours.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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