"Gundam" Cafe Dances To "Endless Waltz" 20th Anniversary

Happy 20th anniversary to Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, 1997's three-ova follow-up to 95/96 Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Happy 20th anniversary to Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, 1997's three-ova follow-up to 95/96 Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. The Gundam Cafes in Akihabara and Osaka are celebrating with a special menu that includes latte art of the boys, cocktails, and even a Meteor themed tequila shot. 



Meteor Tequila Shot


Zechs lightning on the battlefield cocktail (Apple & Strawberry)

Treize soldier's prayer cocktail (Calpis & Blue Curaçao)


Lady Une transcendant love cocktail (Lady Une)


Relena Peacecraft dignified cocktail (Concentrated milk tea)


Lucrezia Noin warmess of the heart cocktail (Apple & Blue Curaçao)


Dragon Wing spinach noodle


Hero inspired Roar of the Angel


Curry plate inspired by finale's parting

Duo, Trowa and Quatre battlefield trio plate


Treize and Zechs plate


You Give Me Strength Heero and Relena plate




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