Check Out How Heroine Eru Says "I'm Curious!" in "Hyouka" Live-Action Film Teaser

Mari Asato (Real Oni Gokko 3-5)-directed film hits Japanese theaters November 3

The official website for the upcoming live-action film adaptation of Honobu Yonezawa's mystery novel Hyouka today released a 30-second teaser introducing 22-year-old Kento Yamazaki as the male protagonist Houtarou Oreki and 22-year-old Alice Hirose as the main heroine Eru Chitanda for the first time. It is also confirmed that the theme song for the film, "Iolite" is performed by two-member unit Itowokashi, and the song is introduced in the clip.




The film's official Twitter opens today, posting a poster visual featuring the two.


Itowokashi artist visual



The Hyouka live-action film is directed by 41-year-old Mari Asato, who has mainly worked on horror genre

films, including Real Onigokko 3-5 (2012) based on Yusuke Yamada's horror novel and Zero The Movie (2014)

inspired by Koei Tecmo's Zero/Fatal Frame horror game series. The Kadokawa Daiei Studio-produced film

is set for a release in Japan on November 3, 2017. 


Hyouka is Yonezawa's debut novel published in October 2001, and the first volume of his Koten-bu/Classic

Literature Club series that has printed over 2.05 million copies in total so far. Under the title "Hyouka,"

the series' episodes were adapted into a 22-episode TV anime by Kyoto Animation in 2012.




TV anime "Hyouka" key visuals


Source: "Hyouka" live-action film official website, Twitter


©2017 "Hyouka Production Committee"

©Honobu Yonezawa・KADOKAWA SHOTEN CO., LTD./The graduates of the classic club of the Kamiyama high school


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