"Kirakira PreCure" Voice Actresses to Hold The Franchise's 1st Character Song Concert in October

General sale of the 5,800-yen advance tickets will begin on September 2

Marvelous today announced that "Kirakira PreCure a la Mode LIVE 2017 Sweet☆Decoration," an official live concert performed by the 14th PreCure TV series' six main voice actresses and the three OP/ED/image song singers will be held at Katsushika Symphony Hills Mozart Hall in Tokyo on October 7, 2017.


The franchise has usually released two character song albums performed by the main VAs as their characters in a year, and the songs are mainly used in the musical shows performed by the suit actors (their voices are newly recorded by the VAs). This is the first time for the 14-year-old franchise to hold an official live concert featuring its character songs performed by the VAs themselves.


The first part "Sweet & Cute" to be started at 14:00 will feature the "pop and colorful" songs, then the second part "Bitter & Hot" at 18:00 will introduce the "hot and dramatic" songs. Advance entry coupons

for the 5,800 yen tickets are already included in the five character song CD singles released on April 26.

And general sale of the tickets will begin on September 2.





 Karen Miyama (Cure Whip)

 Haruka Fukuhara (Cure Custard)

 Tomo Muranaka (Cure Gelato)

 Saki Fujita (Cure Macaron)

 Nanako Mori (Cure Chocolat) 


Inori Minase (Cure Parfait)


Yuri Komagata (OP song singer)


Kanako Miyamoto (ED song singer)


Rie Kitagawa (Image song singer)



 "Character song single: sweet etude 1" Cure Whip (Karen Miyama)


"Daisuki ni Berry wo Soete"



"Character song single: sweet etude 2" Cure Custard (Haruka Fukuhara)





"Character song single: sweet etude 3" Cure Gelato (Tomo Muranaka)


"Aozora Alright"



"Character song single: sweet etude 4" Cure Macaron (Saki Fujita)





"Character song single: sweet etude 5" Cure Chocolat (Nanako Mori)


"Chocolat Étoile"



OP song "SHINE!! Kirakira ☆ PreCure a la Mode" by Yuri Komagata



ED song "Let's La Cooking☆Showtime" by Kanako Miyamoto


Limited edition CD jacket


Regular edition



Source: Marvelous press release


©ABC-A, Toei Animation


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