Did "Attack On Titan" Author Find A Use For Those Gender-Swap Eren Designs? (Spoiler Warning)

Also, Cinephile Isayama reportedly comments on some more inspirations that have shaped the direction of the series

Attack On Titan on author Hajime Isayama was playing around with gender-swapped versions of Eren Yaegar for years.  He did a sketch at a Bessatsu Shonen Magazine Kanshasai event in 2013, and that made it onto his blog. Apparently, he's recently re-used the design.  



If you're up to date on the manga, you'll know that it's gone into some different territory recently, literally, and featured some different characters. Reiner Braun's cousin, Gabi - a girl whose introduction was foreshadowed by a sketch that Isayama blogged after drawing it while watching a UFC event.



There's a new issue of Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine out Friday July 7th, and an early look purports that in the accompanying interview, Isayama confirms that Gabi is based on this female version of Eren he drew several years ago.



Also, Cinephile Isayama reportedly comments on some more inspirations that have shaped the direction of the series:

While I’m concerned about the readers opinion on the Marley Arc, it is heading to its end. I was initially influenced by the movie “The Mist”, but now I’ve have been influenced by “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “In one corner of this world”. Like “Himeanole” I don’t see Justice as something connected to Evil, yet the sensation of devilish homicide can overlap with a victim’s emotions. Please look forward to the end of Attack on Titan as it has been decided. 


Now he just needs to confirm that That Guy is based on Hannibal.


Probably best to regard the details as rumors before the magazine hits, but still intringuing.  


via @AoTWiki and bettrdays 


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