Eizan Electrical Gets Geeky with "NEW GAME!!" Train Wrap

"NEW GAME!! x NEW EIDAN" collaboration previews train art.


Eizan Electrical Railway has never shied away from displaying some anime love. And this month, they're back on track with a NEW GAME!! collaboration including wrappings celebrating the second season of the anime series.


The series of decorations will feature five different circular front pieces that will change out during the course of the campaign, as well as SD character art on the sides of the trains and extra decorations on the inside.



This will be the third such collaboration between the NEW GAME! and Eizan Electrical staff. The art will feature some familiar older front pieces on certain trains, with new ones scheduled to be premiered later this month.



The railway will also be issuing special limited-edition tickets, packaged with mini-versions of the head pieces. The release is limited to 1,000 units, and will not be reprinted when supplies run out.



The new wrappings go on Eizan Electrical Railway's 722 car starting July 29, and are expected to be on display until the end of December.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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