Heroes and Villains Clash in "THE REFLECTION" Trailer

Superhero TV anime combining the talents of Stan Lee, Trevor Horn, and Hiroshi Nagahama debuts on NHK on July 22


A new trailer for THE REFLECTION gives superhero fans a taste of the unique visual aesthetic of the upcoming TV anime about a world where a global catastrophe causes some of the survivors to manifest superhuman powers.



The story of THE REFLECTION is set in a world where a mysterious atmospheric phenomenon known as "The Reflection" killed many people all around the world while causing the survivors to spontaneously develop superhuman abilities. Some people become heroes, others become villains...



THE REFLECTION is directed by Hiroshi Nagahama (MUSHI-SHI) and features animation by Studio Deen (Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju). The series also features the talents of legendary comics creator Stan Lee and musican Trevor Horn. THE REFLECTION will broadcast on the NHK network on Saturdays during the 23:00 time slot (11:00 PM JST) beginning on July 22, 2017. The series is scheduled to run for 12 episodes, and it will also be available via streaming on Crunchyroll.


Source: MoCa


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