"Black Clover" TV Anime Character Designs Spotted

Series planned for fall

A new, early look at next week's issue 33 of Shonen Jump has offered a look at the leads of the fall TV anime adaptation of fantasy action manga Black Clover. Newcomer Gakuto Kajiwara will voice Asta with Seiyu Award winner Nobunaga Shimazaki (Free!!'s Haruka Nanase) as Yuno. The two were voiced by Shun Horie and Soma Saito in a previous Xebec produced special. 



Naruto's Studio Pierrot produces the TV anime.

Staff includes

Director: Tatsuya Yoshihara (Monster MusumeMuromi-san)

Composition: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (Hajime No Ippo, Is the order a rabbit?, episodes of Jojo's)

Character Design: Itsuko Takeda (second part of Kingdom)

Sub Character Designer: Kumiko Tokunaga  (second part of Kingdom too)

Music: Minako Seki (Kingdom)


Cast for an earlier, Xebec produced special included

Asta - Shun Horie

Yuno - Soma Saito

Mars - Kaito Ishikawa

Lebuty - Yutaka Aoyama

Sister Lily Ai Kayano



An English language version is also release by Viz Media, who describe the series as follows:


"Young Asta was born with no magic ability in a world where magic is everything. In order to prove his strength and keep a promise with his friend, Asta dreams of becoming the greatest mage in the land, the Wizard King!"


via YonkouProd


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