Anime Collaboration Glasses Specialized Store "Animegane" Opens in Akihabara

Fate/stay night, Girls und Panzer, Mahou Girls PreCure!, Sword Art Online, and more!

Tokyo-based company t.n.t will open "Animegane," a new store specialized in anime collaboration glasses, in Akihabara, Tokyo, on July 15. The company is known for its "Shitsuji Megane eyemirror" (Butler Glasses eyemirror) in Ikebukuro, where all staff members have butler outfits.



According to the press release, "Shitsuji Megane eyemirror" has offered various anime collaboration glasses

since its opening in 2012, and demand for a specialized store for them has been increased among anime fans.

Akihabara, known as the "Center of Japanese Otaku culture," is the best place to start the new business.


"Animegane" has already have 40 collaboration glasses, and 10 more items are scheduled to be added before

the end of this year. Product lineup include: Fate/stay night[Unlimited Blade Works], Girls Und Panzer der Film,

Macross Frontier, Toho Project, Sword Art Online, Evangelion, Hatsune Miku, Osomatsu-san, The Disastrous

Life of Saiki K., World Trigger, BORUTO, Mahou Girls PreCure!, and Tiger & Bunny.




"Fate/stay night[Unlimited Blade Works]"


"Girls und Panzer der Film"



"Maho Girls PreCure!"


"Sword Art Online"


"Fate/Grand Order"


Source: t.n.t press release 


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