"Final Fantasy XV" July Update Brings Sentai Flavor to Magitek Exosuits

Temporary invincibility will be part of a new free update

The only thing better than Magitek Exosuits are multi-colored Magitek Exosuits that make the squad look like something out of a Super Sentai show. In fact, the similarity to Power Rangers and the subsequent need for a redesign is the reason we're getting the latest Final Fantasy XV bonus in July rather than the intended release date of February 21. 


Square Enix announced the new release window for the suits, which will be part of a free update. Donning these bad boys will make you invincible for 30 minutes and boost your fishing skills, but you won't be able to use it again for 24 hours once you're done. 


This is the original image they released, so one would assume we'll be seeing something slightly different this month.



Via Gematsu



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