Check Out "Tokyo Ghoul" Live-Action Film World Premiere Video Report!

Masataka Kubota enjoyed his interaction with the fans at Anime Expo

Following the short clips introduced yesterday, Distributor Shochiku's official YouTube channel today also released a three-minute full video report of the world premiere event for the live-action film adaptation of Sui Ishida's dark fantasy manga series Tokyo Ghoul, which was held at Anime Expo 2017 on July 3. The clip shows more reaction and comments from the fans, Masataka Kubota (who plays the protagonist Ken Kaneki)'s interactions with the cosplayers and the audience at the screening venue, and his surprising appearance as the character.


World premiere video report



TV spot D (30-second version)



International poster


Japanese poster


Source: "Tokyo Ghoul" live-action film official website, Twitter


© Sui Ishida/Shueisha

© "Tokyo Ghoul" Production Committee


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