Ichiro Mizuki Recorded Theme Song for "Mazinger Z" New Anime Film

Japanese release day is set for January 13, 2018

69-year-old legendary anison singer Ichiro Mizuki has posted photos from his recent recording ssesion for the theme song for the upcoming new anime film Mazinger Z on his official Twitter. Mizuki sang the OP theme song for the original TV anime series aired in Japan from 1972 to 1974. The TV anime's original soundtrack composer Chumei Watanabe's 62-year-old son Toshiyuki Watanabe works on the film instead of his 91-year-old father, and also rearranged the theme song.


"Good morning! I am so relieved that the recording for the theme song for Mazinger Z The Movie (tentative title) was ended without no troubles. Imagining the people all over the world are looking forward to the screenings, I was burning heatedly during the recording. Toshiyuki Watanabe-san's new arrangemet was exciting, so great! Japnese release day is January 13 in the next year!"


According to Watanabe's official blog posts, the recording for the new soundtrack music was held on July 8

and 9, then the theme song was recorded by Mizuki on July 10.


Mizuki posted his English message to the foreign fans. 



Meanwhile, the crowdfunding project to make a three-meter tall baloon statue of Mazinger Z, titled

"Our dream, Let's Built Together, The Super Huge Mazinger Z Project," was launched on July 15, and

has collected 1,085,000 yen in five days. The project is scheduled to be ended on October 2 and its

goal is 2,500,000 yen (about 22,311 US dollars).





Source: Ichiro Mizuki official Twitter, "Mazinger Z Materialization Project" crowdfunding site


© Go Nagai/Dynamic Planning MZ Film Partners


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