Young Woman Finds Her Voice in "Tsumasaki no Uchuu"

Live-action film adaptation of "everyday romance drama" web manga by manni hits theaters in Japan in 2018

Tsumasaki no Uchuu ("The Universe at My Toe Tips"), an "everyday romance drama" shōjo web manga by manni about a young woman slowly overcoming crippling social anxieties, is being adapted into a live-action film that will hit theaters in 2018. The film is directed by Akihisa Yachida and features a screenplay by Shin'ichi Nomura.



The Tsumasaki no Uchuu web manga is serialized on the comic online publishing platform. The story follows Aki, a young woman who has become so withdrawn from other people as a result of a trauma in her past that she has lost the ability to speak. Through the help of new friends at a part time job, Aki slowly comes out of her shell.


Source: Anime! Anime!


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