200 Animal Girls to be Displayed at "Kemono Friends" Concept Design Exhibition

The mega-hit franchise's first art exhibition will open on August 24

Parco Museum, located on the seventh floor of Ikebukuro Parco's main building in Tokyo, will hold "Kemono Friends: Yoshizaki Mine Concept Design Exhibition" dedicated to the 45-year-old artist's design works for the ultra hit franchise Kemono Friends from August 24 to September 11. Yoshizaki, who is also known for his works for the Keroro Gunso/Sgt. Frog series, has been attached with the franchise as character concept designer since its launch in 2015.


The time-limited exhibition introduces the world settings of Japari Park, the main location of the story, and also displays over 200 standees of the animal girl characters from the franchise. And limited characters goods will be offered to the visitors. The entrance fees are: adults/600 yen, students/500 yen, children under elementary school age: free. After the Ikebukuro venue, it will be also held at Hiroshima Parco from September 22 to October 10.  





Source: Parco press release


© Kemono Frinds Project ©PARCOARA


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