Celebrate 30 Years of "Ranma 1/2" with Character Goods

Natalie Store offers new merch featuring original manga art.


2017 is a big year for Rumiko Takahashi's beloved series Ranma 1/2. The shapeshifting rom-com turns 30 this year, and Japan's online Natalie Store is celebrating with a wide array of new merch for fans.


A new monochrome shirt and red and blue hand towel feature tiny art of Ranma and Akane lifted directly from Takahashi's manga art:



Two new clearfiles -- one pink, one blue -- feature replicas of full pages from the manga:



Manga fans can also pick up a pair of pins featuring Ranma and Akane as seen in the manga, and a matched set of drinking glasses;



The shop features much more Ranma-centric merch: pillows, phone cases, shirts, and even "kung fu pajamas" just like Ranma's! Visit the Natalie Store to pick up your limited-edition goods.


Source: Comic Natalie




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