Maaya Uchida Plays a Tiny Princess in "Doraemon" TV Special

Special summer episode adapts the popular "Space War Above the Ceiling" story-line

Voice actress / singer Maaya Uchida will being making a guest appearance on the long-running TV anime Doraemon for the first time in a special TV episode that adapts the popular "Tenjō ura no uchū sensō" ("Space War Above the Ceiling") storyline.



In "Space War Above the Ceiling", Nobita and company use the "Gulliver Tunnel" to shrink down and rescue a pint-sized princess who is held captive by a species of tiny alien invaders who have set up base in a very unusual location. Maaya Uchida guest stars as Princess Aare Okkana.



The hour long "Summer Festival! Anime 1 Hour SP" TV special features a Doraemon segment and a Crayon Shin-chan segment, and it will air on TV Tokyo on August 04, 2017, at 7PM JST.


Source: Ota-suke


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