New "Gundam Seed" and "Gundam Seed Destiny" Dub in the Works

Sunrise announces new release for HD remastered version

Sunrise held its Gundam panel at Otakon yesterday, where they revealed further plans for the previously-released HD remaster of Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny. A brand new English dub is in the works at NYAV Post, with Carrie Keranen directing the cast. 



Here's the cast list, via Anime News Network: 


Kira - Max Mittelman

Athrun - Chris Hackney

Lacus - Stephanie Sheh

Haro - Sandy Fox

Cagalli - Cherami Leigh

Flay - Erica Mendez

Sai - Lucien Dodge

Miriallia - Cassandra Morris

Tolle - Colin DePaula

Kuzzey - Eddy Lee

Yzak - Daman Mills 

Dearka - Johnny Yong Bosch

Nicol - Casey Mongillo



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