Nozomi Rolls Out Big News for "Gundam," "Utena," and "Aria"

Nozomi and Right Stuf panel at Otakon reveals upcoming plans for anime releases.


Nozomi Entertainment has rolled out some high-end announcements for anime fans and box set collectors this weekend at Otakon.


Gundam fans have two big releases on the way. First up, the company previewed the Gundam Wing Collector's Ultra Edition, coming out this December. The box will contain the entirety of the TV series, the OVA and movie editions of Endless Waltz, and Operation Meteor. An additional disc will contain the picture drama Frozen Teardrop, interviews, and a variety of other digital extras.


On top of that, the set will contain five art cards, five tarot cards, three posters, three metal pins, and a detailed 180-page full-color art book.



Nozomi also announced they have acquired G Gundam for a 2018 release.



Speaking of box sets, the company has revealed new images of its Revolutionary Girl Utena 20th anniversary box set. The very limited set comes with a 264-page full color book and two reproduction Rose crests -- one Student Council, one Black Rose.



And finally, a Kickstarter campaign has gone up for a dub of ARIA The ANIMATION. Nozomi is asking for $110,000 in the next 30 days, and at over $37,000 at the time of this writing, it looks like they're well on their way. Backers can expect to pick up box sets, digital goods, collectibles, and (at the top tier) a speaking part in the dub!



Source: Nozomi Entertainment




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