"Particle Boys" Project Launches to Support Physics Studies in Japan

Details will be revealed at the Ichinoseki local beer festival this weekend

Tokyo-based character goods company G-Mix has launched "Particle Boys/Soryushi Danshi," a new promotional project to support physics studies in Japan featuring boy characters who are inspired by typical fundamental particles, such as Higgs Boson, Up Quark, Down Quark, Gluon, and Electron. The characters are designed/drawn by Japanese illustrator Minato Yaguchi, and more are scheduled to be added.


The project plans to offer various merchandise, LINE stamps, and a four-panel manga series on Twitter. The story outline is described as: "The stage is set in a place in Japan, and it tells a youth science story involving boys gathered from all over the world."


Details of the project will be revealed in the science kids section of the upcoming Ichinoseki Local Beer Festival to be held in Ichinoseki-city, Iwate Prefecture, on August 19 and 20.


Key visual


(from left) Up Quark, Down Quark, Higgs Bozon, Gluon Adler, Elec Smith



Tin badge


Clear file


LINE stamps


Four-panel manga




Twitter announcement by Minato Yaguchi



Source: G-Mix press release 


©Particle Boys 2017


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