Tickle Your Tastebuds with Shrimp and Miso Soft Serve

Uonuma creates a dessert that is uniquely "them."


When it comes to local pride, cities and prefectures in Japan are eager to give visitors a taste of something that makes their part of the country different. Whether it's music, scenery, or local talent, the burst in local flavor is definitely on the rise. And Uonuma in Niigata Prefecture decided they wanted visitors to get a literal taste of the area -- with a brand new ice cream flavor.


"Nanban shrimp soft serve" is the new local delicacy, and features soft-serve vanilla flavored with locally-made miso soup powder and served with a Senbei rice cracker and two chilled sweet shrimp.




The creators of the dessert pride themselves on making a dish filled with ingredients that "can only be found here!" And at 350 yen including tax, it's cheaper than many other desserts. (You can add an extra shrimp for 50 yen if two isn't enough.)


Source: Narinari.com




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