China Takes Mata Hari and Boudica Down a Notch for "Fate/Grand Order"

The well-endowed Servants have to put it away for Chinese release, but fans will be compensated for the edit.


It seems the busty Assassin and Rider of Fate/Grand Order are a bit much for China. An overseas fan discovered that, despite the Chinese localization being pretty much the same, the portraits of Boudica and Mata Hari -- and only Boudica and Mata Hari -- got something of a tweak.



Not only are their head shots cropped, but the full card art is notably missing.


This makes for some odd looking line-ups in battle:



However, according to an official tweet, players will each be given 100 Saint Quartz as recompense for the server-wide edit. Considering 140 Saint Quartz on the US server comes out to about $80, that's not a terrible trade.


Well, depending on what your gaming priorities are.


>> Fate/Grand Order Official Website





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