Gems Sparkle and Shatter in "Land of the Lustrous" Trailer

Cast, staff, and Japanese broadcast schedule revealed for TV anime based on fantasy manga by Haruko Ichikawa

A treasure trove of new information (including the cast, staff, TV schedule, and a 2 minute trailer) is now available online for Land of the Lustrous (known in Japan as Houseki no Kuni), an upcoming TV anime based on the fantasy manga by Haruko Ichikawa in which crystalline beings struggle to define their lives in the face of an otherworldly threat.



The staff of Land of the Lustrous includes:


  • Original work: Haruko Ichikawa
  • Director: Takahiko Kyogoku
  • Series composition: Toshiya Ôno
  • Character design: Asako Nishida
  • Animation production: Orange



The cast of Land of the Lustrous includes:



Tomoyo Kurosawa as Phosphophyllite.



Mikako Komatsu as Cinnabar.



Ayane Sakura as Bort.




Ai Kayano as Diamond.



Yumi Uchiyama as Rutile.



Saori Hayama as Goshenite.



Mutsumi Tamura as Morganite.



Ayahi Takagi as Jade.



Ari Ozawa as Benitoite.



Himika Akaneya as Zircon.



Atsumi Tanezaki as Neptunite.



Mamiko Noto as Euclase.



Junko Minagawa as Yellow Diamond.



Rie Kugimiya as Alexandrite.



Maaya Uchida as Red Beryl.



Kanae Itō as Amethyst 84 and Amethyst 33.



Ryō Hirohashi as Obsidian.



And Jôji Nakata as Kongou.



The original Land of the Lustrous manga is serialized in Kodansha's Monthly Afternoon seinen manga magazine. An English language version is also published by Kodansha Comics, who describe the story as follows:


In a world inhabited by crystalline lifeforms called The Lustrous, every unique gem must fight for their way of life against the threat of lunarians who would turn them into decorations. Phosphophyllite, the most fragile and brittle of gems, longs to join the battle. When Phos is instead assigned to complete a natural history of their world, it sounds like a dull and pointless task. But this new job brings Phos into contact with Cinnabar, a gem forced to live in isolation. Can Phos’s seemingly mundane assignment lead both Phos and Cinnabar to the fulfillment they desire?



Land of the Lustrous will broadcast in Japan according to the following TV schedule:


  • Tokyo MX: every Saturday during the 22:00 time slot beginning on October 07, 2017.
  • MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting System): every Saturday during the 26:38 time slot beginning on October 07, 2017.
  • BS11: every Saturday during the 23:00 time slot beginning on October 07, 2017.
  • AT-X: every Saturday during the 21:30 time slot beginning on October 07, 2017, with repeat broadcasts on Sundays at 21:30, Tuesdays at 13:30, and Fridays at 5:30.


Please note that some Japanese broadcast schedules count early-morning programming as late-night programming of the previous day, so for example the 26:38 time slot on Saturday night is actually at 2:38 AM JST on Sunday morning.




Official Land of the Lustrous TV anime home page


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