SPOTTED: "Mobile Suit Moon Gundam" Manga Coming Next Month

New saga to unfold in Monthly Gundam ACE.


A sharp-eyed fan spotted the logo for a new Gundam series in the chutes: Mobile Suit Moon Gundam, with a fairly on-the-nose logo.


The moonlight is projected onto the latter part of the Universal Century.

A new Gundam saga is beginning!

Harutoshi Fukui (Gundam Unicorn) will be in charge of story, with Takayuki Kosai (Gundam MSV-R, Gundam Unicorn Testament) on board as artist. Iron Blooded Orphans mechanical designer Ippei Gyoubu will be responsible for the new series's mecha.


As expected, the somewhat familiar-styled logo has a few fans asking questions -- like whether Allenby of G Gundam's Nobel Gundam will be in the cockpit, or whether there will be a Tuxedo Zaku. Both are doubtful, but we'll find out one way or another when Mobile Suit Moon Gundam debuts in the November Monthly Gundam ACE, hitting newsttands September 25.


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