Takeshi Kaga Plays Blind Mahjong Master in "Akagi" TV Drama

Series covering the "Keiji Yagi" and "Ichikawa" arcs of Nobuyuki Fukumoto's gambling manga returns in October


Takeshi Kaga, a Japanese actor perhaps best known in the West for his role as Chairman Kaga in the original Iron Chef, will be playing the role of Ichikawa, the blind mahjong master, in the upcoming sequel series to Akagi, a live-action TV drama based on the high stakes gambling manga by Nobuyuki Fukumoto.



Commenting on his role, Kaga noted that it was challenging to convey Ichikawa's intelligence and emotional range since Kaga's eyes will be covered by dark sunglasses the entire time. Kaga said that he made careful use of his facial muscles, especially around his eyebrows and his mouth, to express the unique charm of the character.



The new Akagi live-action TV drama is a follow-up to the 2015 Akagi TV drama starring Kanata Hongō as the titular genius mahjong player, Shigeru Akagi. The series new series will run for five 60 minute episodes, and it will cover the "Keiji Yagi" story arc, in which a young Akagi gambles to save his friend's life, as well as the "Ichikawa" story arc, in which Akagi challenges a blind mahjong master.

Like the 2015 version, the new Akagi TV drama is directed and produced by Hitoshi Iwamoto and Mitsuru Kubota and features screenplays by Mitsuru Tanabe. Actor Kanata Hongō is also returning to reprise his role as Shigeru Akagi. Akagi will broadcast on BS SKY PerfecTV! every Friday during the 21:00 time slot (9:00 PM JST) beginning on October 13, 2017.


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