Meet the stars of MAPPA's New Anime "VANISHING LINE"

Four character profiles and cast members have been revealed for the upcoming original series.


MAPPA's stylish new series VANISHING LINE is hitting the airwaves later this year, and they're warming us up with a set of introductions. The website has announced four characters, complete with profile pictures and voice actors:


Sword (CV Tomokazu Seki): The protagonish, a tough guy with a body like steel. He is trying to solve a mystery surrounding the name "El Dorado" in order to uncover an evil conspiracy.


Sophie (CV Rie Kugimiya): The heroine, a lone girl living in an orphanage after the loss of her relatives. She is searching for her older brother and happens to cross paths with Sword.


Rook (CV Nobunaga Shimazaki): Sword's partner, a calm man of few words. He is known for "bringing rain wherever he goes."


Gina (CV Ami Koshimizu): A mysterious woman who appears to be friends with Sword and Rook -- however, how exactly they know each other is a mystery. She uses her beauty to deceive men.



VANISHING LINE takes place in the prosperous Russell City, where a conspiracy has been set into motion. Sword, the first to hear of it, begins searching for answers, led by the keyword "El Dorado." He meets a young orphan named Sophie who is also led by those words -- and just as she is in search of her brother, he remembers the loss of his younger sister.


The series launches in October.


>> Official VANISHING LINE Website

Source: Ota-Suke




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