Nana Mizuki Announces 7-day Budokan Concert in Video

The final day will be her 38th birthday

The official YouTube channel of 37-year-old anime voice actress/singer Nana Mizuki today posted a two-minute "SPECIAL INFORMATION 2017 SUMMER" video to announce the schedule for her upcoming seven-day concert titled "LIVE GATE" at the internationally famous sports arena Nippon Budokan in January 2018. Check out her video message below.



"NANA MIZUKI LIVE GATE 2018" schedule:

 Day 1: January 11/open 17:00 start 18:00

 Day 2: January 13/open 16:00 start 17:00

 Day 3: January 14/open 16:00 start 17:00

 Day 4: January 16/open 17:00 start 18:00

 Day 5: January 18/open 17:00 start 18:00

 Day 6: January 20/open 16:00 start 17:00

 Day 7: January 21/open 16:00 start 17:00


The 14,417-capacity venue has been used by many well-known foreign artists, such as The Beatles, Bob

Dylan, Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, Queen, and The Rolling Stones, and the seven-day schedule shows her

current amazing popularity as a solo singer in Japan. As she mentions in the video, the last day is her 38th

birthday and is expected to be a great celebration day for her. The price for the tickets (all seats reserved)

is 7,700 yen (about 70 US dollars), and ticket release schedule will be announced on her official website soon.


Nana Mizuki



Source: Nana Mizuki official website


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