"Dream Hunter Rem" Battles Nightmares in New Audio Drama CD

Series began with an adult-oriented OAV in 1985 before spinning off into mainstream videos, CDs, novels, and more


It's a blast from the past with a new audio drama CD for Dream Hunter Rem, a series of OAVs about a heroine who can enter the dreams of sleeping people to do battle with their nightmares. The audio drama features an original story entitled "Dream Hunter Rem: Zanmu of the White Lilies". Rem's original voice actress, Naoko Matsui, reprises her role as the lead character.



The Dream Hunter Rem series kicked off in 1985 with an adults-only OAV, but its popularity allowed the series to go mainstream with later entries. Although the series of original animation videos concluded in 1992, Dream Hunter Rem also inspired spin-off adventures in such media as audio CDs, novels, manga adaptations, and video games. 



"Dream Hunter Rem: Zanmu of the White Lilies" was released in Japan on August 30, 2017. The audio CD retails for 2500 yen ($22.67 US) plus tax.


Source: Ota-suke


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